White Noise or Sound Machine

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White Noise -- Long Term Issues?

M.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamasourcers! My kids are 2 1/2 and 1. We still have white noise (the sound of static in one room, and the sound of a humidifier in the other) in their rooms eve...



J.R. asks from Denver

I am desperately looking for a white noise machine. We downloaded 60 minutes of running water and then replay it all night long, because my 11-month old cannot sleep...


Need Ideas to Create White Noise During Naps

J.K. asks from Honolulu

Hi! My baby girl is three months old & is constantly being awaken by her older sister and dog barking during naps. I'm looking for creative ideas or a great product...


Anyone Use a White Noise Machine to Help Baby Stop Crying/sleep?

G.M. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone have recommendations on a particular white noise machine? There are so many to choose from....My baby will get irritable, most likely we assume due to he...


Sound Machine

D.P. asks from Chicago

I was thinking about getting a sound machine for my little one. Something with soothing nature sounds to help her sleep by blocking out noise, but not too obnoxious ...


White Noise During Sleeping (Light Sleeper) - Please Give Your Recommendations!

M.S. asks from Chicago

Good Morning Mothers: My daughter does not sleep well without a white noise. We have a small two bedroom home. Any suggestions on a LOUD white noise? I use a fa...


White Noise

M.P. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if there was such a thing as a "white noise" Cd? I have a cd player already and didn't want to buy a white noise machine also. My son is a really l...


White Noise Machine Question

C.M. asks from St. Louis

I thought about this last night then saw a post about a White Noise Machine at daycare...my kids have had a fan or white noise machine in their room at bedtime since ...


Sound Machine

E.A. asks from Minneapolis

My four month old tends to wake up a few times in the first couple of hours (when hubby and I are still awake) after going to bed and then wakes 1-2 times in the midd...


"White Noise" Objects?

C. asks from Charlotte

My 10 week old son has finally started to fall into some form of "going to bed" routine. He sleeps from about 11PM to 5:30, wakes up for a bottle, then sleeps til 7:...