White Noise or Sound Machine

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Good White Noise?

A.D. asks from Detroit

Does anyone use white noise to help their child sleep at night? If so, what do you use or what do you find to be helpful?


White Noise - When to End It?

J.M. asks from Dallas

We've all tried "shushing" and white noise with our newborns. My son is two years old now, when do I cut off the sounds and let him just fall asleep with normal hous...


White Noise Machines Questions

S.C. asks from Detroit

Hello All: Right now and for yrs I have been using a fan in my sons room to block out noise. Well, the winter months are here and his new room gets too cold with...


Wondering If I Should Get a White Noise Machine

O.K. asks from Greensboro

Hey guys, I have a son that is 15 mos right now. We found out a few months ago that we are having our second child, and my boy will be a year and 9 mos when this new...


White Noise Machiene

J.T. asks from Victoria

We have one "Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby with picture projection". After reading reviews saw it brok easly. The projection motor did break but were still using it for o...


White Noise Machines

J.S. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any info on white noise machines? My daughter is a very light sleeper and wakes up during the night and wants to come into our bed. I currently have a h...


White Noise Maker

L.B. asks from Philadelphia

Does anyone know where to buy a white noise maker? I found one at Target but it only plays for one hour. I need one that plays all night. I am having issues with my...


Suggestions for White Noise

M.G. asks from Chicago

My baby is a very light sleeper and the slightest noise will wake her up. We've recently started putting a coldmist humidifier in her room and run it while she sleeps...


Question About Sleeping with White Noise

D.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 5 months old and she has not slept through the night before, but she used to just wake up to eat and then would go back to sleep easily. We could some...


Night Light or Lamp? White Noise or Music?

T.G. asks from Dallas

How does your toddler sleep? Night light, room light, lamp or completly dark. White noise, music or silence?