White Noise or Sound Machine

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White Noise

I.W. asks from Norfolk

Any opinions about white noise machines? Trying to get my 3 mo old to nap in his crib, but it is kinda difficult w/ a 23 mo old in the house. He loves the sound of ...


White Noise

M.L. asks from Sacramento

About 2 months ago, we started using a humidifier at night when our 19mo was sick. We kept it up thinking the white noise might help him sleep. We recently stopped, t...


White Noise

J.L. asks from Rochester

Hello ladies!!! Does anyone know where I can find either a whitenoise machine or cd whith hairdryer or white noise on it? I think I might have finally got my son to ...


White Noise?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 7 and a half month old and her bedroom is right off the main living area. The house is small, the floors creak, and her door doesn't quite shut all the way, ...


White Noise or Sound Machines

M.G. asks from Portland

Hi everyone Do any of you or your kids use white noise or sound machines to go to sleep? Are they helpful for those who find it hard to just drift off? Thanks


White Noise Machine

H.S. asks from Providence

I was thinking about purchasing a white noise machine for my one year old's room. We haven't been able to watch tv in the living room because it will usually disturb ...


White Noise Machine Suggestions

M.B. asks from Atlanta

Well i have a vicks humidifier that is several years old now that i have been using as white noise for my 3 and now 1 year old little girls. It has 3 different fan s...


Advice on White Noise Machine

A.M. asks from New York

As the cooler weather approaches, I'm sad that I will have to eventually give up the fan in my daughter's room that has served as a wonderful buffer to our very creak...


White Noise Machine?

T.D. asks from Lynchburg

We live in an apartment with a very noisy neighbor who is always home (or so it seems). My 2 year old sleeps great through the night, only occasionally wakes up, but...