While Pregnant

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Dealing with Depression and Stress During the Holidays

M.Y. asks from Kalamazoo

I'm not even sure where to begin. I have been under a lot of stress for the last several months and it is quickly turning in too depression. We hit a financial snag...


Depression and Doing the Right Thing?

E.S. asks from Austin

Hi mommas, This week I chose to finally treat my depression. After years of denial, it is time as my entire family was starting to feel it with me. During this time,...


Advice on How to Get Help for Depression

A.M. asks from Peoria

I'm not sure on how to go about talking to my doctor about depression. But I've gotta do something soon. After I had my first daughter almost three years ago, I did...


Antidepressants While Pregnant

A.J. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone ever suffered from depression while pregnant? Has anyone taken antidepressants while pregnant? Has anyone had a healthy baby after taking antidepressants?


Paxil and Pregnancy??

G.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi Ladies! I have been on Paxil since being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression in 1998. I took it (30mg) during my 1st pregnancy (this was before all the w...


Pregnancy and Anxiety

R.N. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have any tactful way of telling an expecting mom not to worry so much about her pregnancy? My sister is in the very early weeks with her second. She is h...


Zoloft & Pregnancy

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, I've been suffering from severe anxiety and depression throughout my entire pregnancy. I don't normally have depression but I think with my anxiety getti...


Anyone Else Battling or Have Battled Depression?

S.M. asks from Indianapolis

I was just wondering if anyone else has shared or is sharing the same problems I'm having with depression right now. I have a long history of fighting with seasonal ...


Depression Before Delivery?

C.B. asks from Dallas

I am 39 weeks pregnant with #5 and I am not handling this well at all! I am constantly crying and just plain feeling awful! I am scheduled for a c-section on Tuesda...


Wellbutron and Pregnancy

L.W. asks from Houston

So I recently got my IUD removed so that my husband and I can start trying for our second. I am currently on Wellbutron for anxiety, and it has worked really well. I ...