While Pregnant: Weight Watchers

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Need Advice on Weight Loss Motivation

N.M. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, I'm not even sure why I am writing... maybe to have someone to tell my troubles to, but mostly to see if any of you out there have ever been in my shoes a...


Does Anyone Use Flax-seed Oil to Supplement Their Diet?

M.R. asks from Springfield

I am trying to find out some more information on flax-seed oil and how it can help with mood problems, depression etc,. I was wondering if anyone has personally used ...


Menopause What Is Really Going On?

W.P. asks from San Francisco

Three years ago I went through menopause and ever since my body has fallen apart. I have hot flashes constantly, severe neuropathy, weight gain, thickening around the...


How Much Activity Do I Need?

J.C. asks from Lynchburg

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Being on the meds completely changed my life for the better! I've always struggled with my weight though...


Help with Weight Loss

G.L. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone. I have tried many weight loss programs without much success. Because of a couple of health issues I really need to shed some weight off fast. Does any...


Post Baby Weight

K.A. asks from Oklahoma City

I am a new mom to a 3 month old little girl. I was super fit before pregnancy, and felt and looked pretty good through it. I gained 35 total lbs. during pregnancy. I ...


Advise for a Possible Diabetic

A. asks from Allentown

I was recently to my doctor to have some blood work done. They were concerned I had a Thyriod problem because after I had my son I have not been able to lose all the ...


Moms Who Have or Haven't Tried Alli

H.H. asks from Elkhart

I have done a thorough research on this drug but, I only know of one person who has ever used it. It is working for her but I would like to know if there are other pe...


Not Really Feeling ROMANTIC Anymore!!! :(

J.M. asks from Chicago

My fiance and I have been together for almost six years. In the beginning, we were crazy for each other... now however, I just can't seem to feel the same passion an...


An Only Child

S.P. asks from Davenport

I am curious what you moms think about having an only child? We had our daughter, our first baby and possibly last, on 6/3/09. I know it's too early to make the fina...