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Depression During Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Boston

Has anyone experienced depression during their pregnancy? My unborn baby's father left 2 months ago and what started as sadness has developed in depression. I am 8 ...


Pregnancy and Depression

L.C. asks from Cleveland

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been taking Zoloft 100mg for about 4 months now. My OB, who did not prescribe the Zoloft but knows I am taking it, wanted me to wean o...



L.P. asks from Pittsfield

Hi Everyone! I suffer from depression, which has been fairly well controlled with Wellbutrin for a few years now. Lately though (the last couple of months), I'v...



P.C. asks from Providence

I think that I am suffering from post partum depression and I am not sure where to turn to to get help. I can't stop crying anymore, I was able to keep it under contr...


Depression Meds.

M.R. asks from San Francisco

I will be seeing my MD to possibly get on depression medication. According to my non-MD therapist, it's mild depression. Does anyone have advice on what meds are out ...


Depression Help

M.O. asks from Dayton

i am in real need of advice on what to do about what i think is depression. This past year and half has been pretty hard on my family and i and i just cant seem to ge...



K.C. asks from Boston

Has anyone had children while taking Prozac during pregnancy?


Correlation Between Autism and Taking Anti Depression Medication While Pregnant?

M.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if you take anti depression medication while pregnant - is there a higher risk that the baby will have Autism? Thanks!



M.A. asks from Denver

Hello everyone. I don't feel wonderful talking about this but here it goes. I am almost 30 weeks into my second pregnancy and for the last week-ish I have been experi...



M.S. asks from Missoula

I am 6 and half months pregnant and we have my fiancee's sister and her boyfriend living with us until like 2 months after the baby will be born. Yesterday her boyfr...