While Pregnant: Adult Child

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Advice on How to Get Help for Depression

A.M. asks from Peoria

I'm not sure on how to go about talking to my doctor about depression. But I've gotta do something soon. After I had my first daughter almost three years ago, I did...


Depression over Husband's Possible First Child

M.W. asks from Houston

My husband's ex from way before we met has been playing "footsy" with him concerning the paternity of her child, who is now an adult. It depresses me, because I have ...


Should I Be Worried? 29 Weeks Pregnant and I've Only Gained 2 Pounds...

S.L. asks from Brownsville

Hi there moms! I finally decided to ask you all out there if anyone else has had this issue as it is starting to worry me a little bit. Let me start by saying that ...


Step Son Suicide & I'm Pregnant

V.A. asks from Dallas

My husband's eldest son committed suicide last year (18 y.o.). He has been to counseling and says it is doing nothing for him, & doesn't want to go back. Does anyon...


18 Year Old with Anxiety Issues

P.B. asks from Erie

My 18 year old daughter suffers from aniety and dermatillomania (skin picking). Beyond that she is an honor student, college bound and is shy and overly sensitive. Sh...


Adult Child with Bipolar Living at Home with Parents

N.D. asks from New York

My 28 yr old daughter has come back to live with us due to job loss. She has anxiety, depression/bipolar disorder. She hastes living with us because we think there s...


18 Year Old Son with Extreme Behavor Problems

E.W. asks from Greensboro

I have struggled through the past 10 years with my son. My husand and I were married when my son was 4 years old. His Dr and I believe he is bi-polor but we can not...


Side Effects or Problems After Mirena Removal.

T.D. asks from Chicago

I have had the Mirena IUD for 3 1/2 years. I recently was doing some research on it, and have found there are SEVERAL other women suffering from some of the same thi...


Am I Being a Jerk?

J.P. asks from Boise

Sorry for the length. Let me preface this by saying that I am a total animal person. I have always had a pet my entire life, and last year I lost my 14.5 year old...


Help! Friend Tested Positive for Downs on Amnio

M.C. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any stories of false positives for Downs on their amniocentesis? My friend who is 18 weeks just received the news that it is 99% positive her baby h...