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How Do I Get over Not Having Another Child?

J.O. asks from Corvallis

Hello Mama's! My husband is 47, I will be 44 later this year. We have been trying to have a second child for a few years now with a couple of miscarriages and consu...


Am I Wrong to Want Another Child?

K.V. asks from Philadelphia

I am a single mom - Sara's dad is still very much in her life (almsot every day) but things just did not work out for us. We are great friends now though. Anyway, I ...


Having an Only Child

R.B. asks from Clarksville

I am the mother of a three year old boy. I am currently struggling with the decision on whether or not to have another child. My husband and I are both seriously th...


I Really Want Another Baby... Hubby Really Doesn't...

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

Let me start by saying that, it is not a surprise to him that I want another one. We had the "children talk" while we were dating. I have always wanted a big family.....


Undecided About Having Another Child...

A.D. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I are 37 – happily married with an almost 4 year daughter. We feel so fortunate – we tried for over 3 years to conceive and finally after fertilit...


Only Child

C.S. asks from Detroit

Parent of only child. Often feel excluded by those with multiples. My daughter is lonely, I am lonely. Husband doesn't understand. So much to talk about on topic o...


Wanting Another Child

S.C. asks from Cincinnati

My husband and I are anxious to get pregnant again. Our first child is only 6 months old. We want to start trying this May when Austin will be 9 months. I am a little...


My Father Is Having Another Child

N.C. asks from Phoenix

My father just told me that my stepmother is pregnant! Background: My father was in the military and didn't get out if it until I was about 10 years old. During th...


Adoption or Have Another Baby?

L.L. asks from Nashville

I have a child already and she is wonderful 6 month old. Me and my husband want to have another baby in the next few years, but even tho I loved know I brought my bea...


An Only Child

S.P. asks from Davenport

I am curious what you moms think about having an only child? We had our daughter, our first baby and possibly last, on 6/3/09. I know it's too early to make the fina...