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Late Cycle but Negative Pregnancy Test

A.R. asks from Washington DC

Hi ladies, I am usually very regular and this month I'm 3 days late. I did take a pregnancy test but it was negative. The only thing different this month is that I ha...


How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test

M.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi to all you Moms! I am asking this questions to the moms that have taken a pregnancy test "before" the start of their period and wondering what is the soonest you ...


Should I Buy Another Pregnancy Test or Just Wait?

A.C. asks from Jacksonville

I have never in my life missed a period or had a late period except for when I became pregnant with my daughter(3yrs old). Well, this month, no period! My husband a...


Period Hasn't Started but Have Negative Pregnancy Test Results!

S.B. asks from Columbia

I was due to start my period Dec. 29th. I waited until Dec. 31st to take a home pregnancy test and it was negative. It is now Jan. 1st and I still have not started my...



K.M. asks from Boston

i have not got my period since feb 13 and my stomach is bulged out on the top and kinda hard could i be pregnant should i go and get a pregnancy test please let me n...


False Pregnancy Blood Test No Period

J.W. asks from Johnstown

Hi I am 11 days late on my period and I took 4 home pregnancy tests which turn out negative, so i decided to get a blood test and it turned out negative and I am w...


Negative Pregnancy Test but I Just Know How I Am Feeling...

B.S. asks from Casper

Ok first off let me give you some background on me...I have a little boy who didnt show up on a blood or urine test I had to be rushed to the ER because I was having ...


False Positive Pregnancy Test Experiences?

M.M. asks from Detroit

I think I got a false positive on a Clearblue Easy +/- pregnany test. I took it yesterday at lunch... It clearly showed a + within the 2-10 minute window. I took anot...


Would Taking Another Home Pregnancy Test Do Any Good?

A.N. asks from Tallahassee

I know I'm only 11 days past ovulation but I have reason to believe I could be pregnant. I had intercourse the day before I ovulated and last night it dawned on me th...


Doctor Test Vs. Home Test

T.S. asks from Dallas

Can the doctor tell if you are pregnant even before a home pregnancy test???