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My 18Month Old Is Allergic to Milk!!! What Do I Do???

W.J. asks from Los Angeles

My 18 month old daughter is allergic to milk. She's not lactose or anything like that sh'es can't digest the milk protien. So every since she stopped taking formula i...


Allergic Reaction Rash

A.D. asks from Detroit

Please help! My daughter has had a rash on her thighs near her underwear line. It's little red bumps all over where her underwear touches. I tool her to the dr and sh...


Egg Substitute (Son Is Allergic)

A.F. asks from New York

I am trying to find a waffle recipe for my son who is allergic to nuts and eggs. I found a good mix that we use for pancakes but in order to make waffles with it you...


My Son Is Allergic to Everything....

S.B. asks from Hartford

Hi there- My son Joseph is 19 months old and allergic to all dairy, eggs, peanuts & tree nuts. We have him on soy milk and he seems to like it. My question is, at hi...


Allergic Reaction to Cephalexin

M.E. asks from Sacramento

To make a long story short...my otherwise very healthy 4 y/o was prescribed cephalexin (and also at the same time griseofulvin) last week on Thursday. In hindsight, a...


Loving Something You're Allergic To

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

Oliver LOVES strawberries. I don't know if he is "allergic" to them or what, but whenever he eats them he usually gets a pretty nasty diaper rash the next day. I try ...


Is Gluten Free Worth It?

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

Is Gluten free worth it?


Advice for "Allergic Type" Symptoms

G.C. asks from Chicago

My daughter who is now 9yrs. old has had unusual "breakouts" ever since she was about three. Her knuckles get red and itch and her hands swell, then hives spread to ...


Wheat Free Baking Ideas

N.S. asks from Chicago

Thank you to all the moms out there who gave support and ideas about my husband and how to get him well (I posted a question about reiki and alternative healing for h...


Daughter Is Having Allergic Reaction to Something

N.W. asks from Las Vegas

PLEASE HELP!!!!!! My daughter is having an allergic reaction to a body wash. She has been breaking out all over her body. It started Monday night around her neck ...