What to Expect When You're Expecting: Ergo

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How Did You Adjust Going from One Child to Two ?

E.S. asks from Kansas City

I'm just having a hard time getting into a mind set to adjust from having one very active child to having a newborn on top of that. I'm a full time student and stay h...


Suggestions for First Airplane Ride Just Me and My 2Yr Old

V.A. asks from Boca Raton

Car seat? Toys etc...Any tips would be great from someone who has alraedy experienced this!


Mom to Be Needs Advice on Type of Stroller to Buy

J.D. asks from Providence

I am wondering what type of stroller I should register for. I hope to walk often with our child once she is born as I am a big walker, so I would like something ligh...


Best Advice on the Eve of Having a Second Child

A.D. asks from Portland

My son will be 23 months when his baby brother is born this fall. That means I'll have two boys, both in diapers, and dang, that statement has me tired just typing it...


I Need Help with Food Suggestions for a Large Party!!!

D.D. asks from Chicago

We are having a large party for my daughters graduation. There are about 100 people that are invited...and that includes us...YIKES!!!!!!!!!! I am sure not all will...


How Do You Plan Your Day?

F.S. asks from Provo

I am a SAHM to my 9mo girl. She is so wonderful, and is beginning to be more independant. My husband works all day till around five, when he gets home he would like...


Flying with a 10 Month Old

D.R. asks from New York

I will be flying with my 10 month old son for the first time at the end of the month. Any ideas/suggestions to make it as easy as possible.


How Do You Shop with Two?

A.L. asks from Anchorage

I have a 21 month old boy (very busy guy) and a two-week old baby. Can someone give me a hint on how they've been able to grocery shop with two? It seems like a logis...