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How to Keep Squirrels from Digging up Spring Flower Bulbs?

M.C. asks from Chicago

We are getting ready to plant a bunch of spring flower bulbs. However, we are worried that our planned spring flower garden will turn into a wintertime-squirrel-buffet...


Need Help Quickly - Play on Words (PLEASE!!!!)

✩.!. asks from Denver

Ok - In laws are coming in to visit this evening and I am trying to be nice and make a good weekend of it. Since we will not see them for Mothers Day I had thought I ...


URGENT PLEASE HELP!!! 34 Wks Pregnat and Looking for a New OB

R. asks from Tampa

I am 34 weeks pregnant and would like to find a new OB in the clearwater area. I would prefer one that will deliver at Mease Countryside, but I am willing to go to Mor...


Fish Tank

T.K. asks from Chicago

We had a Betta fish since Christmas and he passed away yesterday. I am not telling our son, he really wouldn't understand and will tell him that fishy went bye bye. M...


Decorating Daughter's Desk for May Day

E.E. asks from Omaha

I was wondering if any of you creative minds out there could give me some ideas. My daughter is in the first grade, and her school has a tradition for the first-grade...


Looking for Landscaper in the North Naperville Area

G.M. asks from Chicago

Our yard is quite dated and very plain. I am looking to make some changes, such as putting in a brick patio in the back yard, adding a tree or 2, possibly replacing t...


13 Month Old Biting and Pinching - HELP!!

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there, I'm a new mom to a 13 month old boy who has started pinching and biting in the past month. I have bruises on my hands/arms from his bites (I also bruise ver...


Severely Dry Skin, I Think Is Realated to Low Estrogen, What Can I Do????

J.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi I'm 25 years old and have premature aged skin. I have so many wrinkles for my age and my skin is dry all the time. After i had my baby i had an infection in my vagi...


Friend's 50Th Birthday

E.T. asks from Dallas

I work with a woman whose 50th birthday is coming up. She has expressed to me in the past that she really does not like anything done for her birthday - she doesn't l...


Need a Great Prenatal Vitamin

M.L. asks from Philadelphia

Me and my husband are recently off of the pill and trying to get pregnant. I am currently taking a woman's multi by vitamin code. I want to finish this bottle becaus...