What & When to Plant

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Which Plants/flowers Do You Recommend?

A.U. asks from Detroit

Hi mommys... I'm not so good in the gardening dept, so I'm looking for some help :) I want to know which plants/flowers that you recommend for outside the house to ...


Time for Planting

K.L. asks from Norfolk

Does anyone know of a website that has a good guide for what to plant and when, where, and how? I want to start my garden soon, but am not sure what can go in the gr...



A.P. asks from Roanoke

I am trying to find out the name of a plant if anyone is fimiliar with this kind of plant please tell me the name of it. When I was married to my first husband we ha...


Teacher Appreciation Week

C.B. asks from Eau Claire

Our sons teacher has made him like school this year (he had a hard time last year). She is wonderful. I am wondering should we give her a small plant or big plant? I ...


Gardener Mamas: Planting Corn/beans in Garden Through Landscape Fabric Help?

J.K. asks from Mansfield

Hello again gardening mamas! Early this spring I prepared the garden soil and then covered the whole area with landscape fabric mulch. I have planted my broccoli caul...


Rose Bush Care

A.F. asks from Salt Lake City

I recently moved into a new house, and my question is really in two parts. First, I now have about 8 rose bushes in the yard, which I love, but have no idea how to c...


Plastic or Real Flowers

D.S. asks from Houston

I live in an apartment and love plants but for the outdoor plants I am debating plastic or real. real require a lot of water if in boxes at least once a day or more d...


Sunny Area in backyard...what to Do?

C.S. asks from San Antonio

Hi guys! I have a VERY sunny backyard (almost NO shade at all) & in the back right corner we have a transformer. I want to plant something (tropical maybe?) in fr...


Planting a Garden for the First Time This Year. Where and What Is the Best . .

M.P. asks from Provo

Hello! I finally have a spot to plant a full grown garden! My sister and I are going to be the ones to take care of it, and we are super excited! So I have a couple o...


Would like to Start Garden

J.K. asks from Dallas

I would like to start a garden but have no clue how to start. I would like to plany flowers and maybe small shrubs. Other then digging a hole, what kind of soil sho...