Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers

M.S. asks from Boston

Has anyone done this? Has it worked for you? How did you stay motivated? I signed up today and would love to connect with any of you that it has worked for and eve...


Weight Watchers...

K.. asks from Phoenix

If you have used the program, I'd like your input - Did you do the meetings? Are they worth it/helpful? At what point did you stop going to them? What exactly h...


Weight Watchers

J.H. asks from Dallas

Has anyone ever been on this program and had great success with it? If so please share what worked for you. Going to meetings, just doing online or both. I really want...


Weight-Watchers Vs. Atkins

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Moms, I'm currently on the Atkins Diet with my husband,he's doing pretty well, I find it a real challenge. What I'm wondering is if there is another program tha...


Weight Watchers

M.C. asks from Dallas

Ok moms, my weight is just slowing going up. I am 42, not active and love the taste of food. I have tried many things to lose weight, but i just don't give it enough t...


Weight Watchers for Those with Bodies That Resist Weight Loss....

Y.S. asks from Chicago

I've been on South beach diet and lost about 25 lbs. Last few months I stopped following the diet, gained about 10 lbs back. SBD works, if you stick to it, but it see...


Family Meal Ideas & Weight Watchers

M.L. asks from Wichita

I have really neglected family meals since my kids were born 9 years ago. I am trying to start incorporating more family meals into our schedule and I started weight w...


Need to Lose 10 Lbs. Weight Watchers Or ??

S.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I want to lose the 10 pounds (or so) that have been hanging around since winter 2010! I'm terrible at dieting. I used to be able to just cut back a bit and...


Struggling with Weight - Weight Watchers & Vegetarianism?

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

Has anyone out there had a lot of success with Weight Watchers? Is it worth the money? Has anyone done Weight Watchers as a vegetarian? How does it work? Basically...


Weight Watchers Points plus Program

L.F. asks from Los Angeles

hey ladies! i was wondering if anyone has had success with the new weight watchers points plus program where fruit has 0 points. after my first child i lost the weight...