Weight Watchers

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Weight-Watchers - Success Online or in Meetings?

N.O. asks from Chicago

Hi moms Ok, time to get tough with the post-partum weight! I've decided to try Weight Watchers but thought I'd do it online. My 7 month old's nap schedule could be...


New Weight Watchers Program "Points Plus"

K.H. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas, I was wondering if anyone is trying Weight Watchers new Point's Plus program that they just started a few weeks ago? I bought the old books probably ...


Jenny Craig V. Weight Watchers

B.B. asks from Dallas

So after my 2nd pregnancy, I need to lose about 25-30 lbs. I think if I went with a program like Jenny Craig or WW, I would be more successful. I don't know which t...


Weight Watchers - How Do You Figure Out How Many Points?

M.B. asks from Chicago

I have the current Weight Watcher points books, but I do not know how to figure out how many points I should be going by. I wanted to attend meetings, but my husband...


Anybody Try Weight Watchers for Nursing Moms?

D. asks from Chicago

I am thinking of trying Weightwatchers designed for Nursing moms to help lose my weight gained from pregnancy. I was never overweight- and was actually quite fit befo...


Weight Watchers On-Line - Helpful or No?

K.U. asks from Detroit

Just curious if anyone has used this and what they thought of it - I'd like to lose some weight but seem to have difficulty, even when I am doing all the"right" thing...


Medical Weight Loss or Weight Watchers.

S.C. asks from Detroit

Okay! I no fade diets aren't really the way to go..BUT I need something to help me out. I have never tried Medical Wloss so I don't know the cost or how it works..i...


Weight Watchers Plateau- Not Losing Anymore Weight

M.O. asks from Chicago

I have lost 18 pounds on WW so far without working out. Now, I have plateaued- and I still have about 10 pounds to go before I am truely happy with my weight. I have ...


Has Anyone Tried Weight Watchers Online?

T.S. asks from Dallas

I need advice on how to stick with the WW plan and workout when I have kids to take care of and a job to go to everyday. I have tried the plan before, but I never sti...


Weight Watchers - Online Vs. Meetings or Does the Monthly Pass Get You Both?

J.B. asks from Boston

For anyone who has done Weight Watchers...do you recommend the membership with meetings or on-line only? Does the "Monthly Pass" membership basically get you both? Wh...