Weight Management: Toddler

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Diet for Weight Loss

M.M. asks from Chicago

I am curious to know what diet you have followed during weight loss and how much you have lost per week and also what kind of exercise routine did you stick to? I ...


Ending Weight-loss Plateau

S.S. asks from Binghamton

Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I have finally managed to lose over 30 pounds over the past year through healthy eating, a low-carb diet and exercise. But ...


Any Advice on Successful Weight Loss for a Busy Mom?

B.B. asks from Tyler

I have 2 children. My youngest is 5. I weigh the same now that I weighed when I was pregnant with him. I haven't gained or lossed any weight so I maintain my weight r...


Diet - Am I Doing It Right??

M.M. asks from Chicago

I started with my diet abt 10 days ago. I hardly see any changes, so wondering if it's working or not. I don;t have a weighing scale at home , so no weight measuremen...


HCG Diet

K.M. asks from Oklahoma City

I'm interested to know of any experiences with or opinions of the HCG diet. My first thought was it was just another fad diet, but I read the "Pounds and Inches" manu...



S.S. asks from San Francisco

Has anyone tried "alli" for dieting and what has been your experience? My doctor recommended that I try it for one month. I've never tried any diet pills and she said...


Bored with Dinners and Would like to Give Try Menu Planning

M.B. asks from Springfield

I have been reading the other posts lately about menu planning to save money and thought it was time to try it at my house. I am very tired with our meals and would ...


Tricks to Reduce Fat

B.B. asks from Dallas

I'm trying to prepare healthier foods and would like to know how to reduce the fat in recipes, especially when baking. I tried to substitute olive oil for shortening...