Weight Management: Infant

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Healthy Eating Out ?

Can anyone suggest a place for lunch or diner out that has a little more healthier menu. Vegatables/Fruit. Thanks


Diet for Weight Loss

I am curious to know what diet you have followed during weight loss and how...

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

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What Do You Know About High Blood Pressure?

I've always had high blood pressure... well, above 'normal' (which is 120/80)... The past few time's I've been to the doctor for various reasons, I've received letters: 'This is letting you know that you should schedule a follow up visit for your last BP reading'... I've always let it go, because usually, I'm stressed to the max when I go to the doc, so I've passed it off as that. Well when I went Monday, my BP was 150/100. SOOOO not good. I'm not obese, take relatively good care of myself, trying to quit smoking, eat pretty healthy,...


High Blood Pressure

My 6 y/o daughter was recently found to have high blood pressure both at her...

Diets & Exercise

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Why Are You Dieting?

I'm starting a diet called Game On. It's about better choices and being healthy in mind, body, and spirit. It's not some stupid fad diet. In it you are reinforced for eating veggies, lean meats, etc. and for getting 20 minutes of exercise per day, getting more sleep, etc. So... I have told some of my friends about it and I continue to get the same question. Why are you dieting? I may have have healthy body mass index, but I could lose 15 pounds and still have an average BMI. Not to mention that I need to begin to make healthier...


Do You Exercise?

Why or why not? If you do exercise, what do you do? If you don't...



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Gymoree or My Gym

Does anyone has any experience on taking thier children to Gymboree or My Gym? Which one is best in teaching, clean facilities, etc.?


Going to the Gym

Hi Mamas,I am wanting to start working out at the Gym. However I am not sure...


Deciding on a Gym

My family and I just moved to San Antonio a few months ago. We have two...

Trying to Gain

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No Weight Gain

It has been a while since I have been on mamasource but I need as much advice as I can get now!! My son, almost 17 months, is not gaining weight. At his 12 month check up he was a little more than 19 lbs. At his 15 month check up he had not even gain a full lbs. His weight put him in 7th percentile. He was 8lbs 7oz at birth, so he should be around 24-26 lbs or so. The dr said that if he had not gained a full lbs at least by his 18th month check up they were going to start doing tests. Now i am at a loss. He eats, he snacks and between...

Diets & Eating Strategies

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Dieting While Breastfeeding

I had a baby 8 weeks ago and am really wanting to get this extra weight off. However, I'm breastfeeding and I don't want to do anything that will decrease my milk supply. Does anyone have any advice or diets that they tried and what works best? By the way, when I had my first, I breastfed for a full year and never lost a pound. I even had a personal trainer 3 days a week for 10 months. It didn't come off until I quit nursing - I'm just one of those types. Unfortunately, breastfeeding doesn't make the weight melt off of me. I need to loose...


The HCG Diet

I have been reading al lot about the new HCG diet craze. 40 pounds in 40...

Exercise & Sports

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When to Exercise?

I am about 20 pounds overweight, due to having 3 kids and lack of self-control when it comes to eating. I really want to begin exercising. I start then stop, start then stop, but I can never get on a schedule. Now that school is out for the summer, it is going to make it even harder for me. My best time would be do exercise at night. BUT I hate to cut into the time with my hubby. I stay at home with my children, so walking up and down the street is not an option at this point. When do YOU exercise? Do you have any suggestions for me?


Beginner Exercise CD

Looking for a fun exercise CD for a Beginner. My goal is to tone and lose...