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HCG Weight Loss Program

Has anyone heard of or tried this new weight loss diet? It is supposed to help you loose up to 30lbs in 30 days. I am really considering this, but I am kind of scared with trying something new. I have had 3 children and my youngest is 8 months old. We are not having anymore kids and so I really want to get back down to what I was 5 years ago. I tried the salads for every meal diet along with some excercise for almost 6 months and did not drop one pound. Everyday is a struggle for me. If anyone has ideas or knows anything about this...


Tell Me How

How do you get the motivation to exercise every day? I have no motivation...


Did Slim-Fast Work?

I was just wondering if the Slim-Fast diet actually worked for anybody? I'm...

Diets & Exercise

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Do You Exercise?

Why or why not? If you do exercise, what do you do? If you don't exercise what would be a form of exercise that you think you would enjoy? I exercise about five days of week. I run mostly, but I also do kick boxing. I am supposed to be strength training, but I shy away from it because it's hard and not a whole lot of fun!


Dieting While Nursing

I am nursing my 5 month old baby and I have been wanting to go on a diet. I...



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Curves or a Gym?

I'm looking to start exersizing on a daily basis. I'm not a fan of walking a treadmill and I do have some knee issues and an abdominal hernia. My doctors says I need to do "something" but they don't really tell you what. Should I join a gym or Curves? or start at home? any ideas for simple exersizes I can do myself would be helpful. PS my daughter will be joining/starting too.


Gymoree or My Gym

Does anyone has any experience on taking thier children to Gymboree or My...


Deciding on a Gym

My family and I just moved to San Antonio a few months ago. We have two...


Would You Count Gym?

My daughter is doing awesome in school. Perfect attendance and just about...

Trying to Gain

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How Do I Gain Weight? Help!

Okay I'm a petite 5'3", actually that's not so small, however i wear clothes from the petite department. I use to wear 5/6 clothing now I'm in size 2. Okay, what's my problem! Gaining weight, I have search magazines, internet and so on, their all about losing weight. Will i want to gain my weight back and it's very hard, I eat properly, don't excerise much because of my petite body. What got me to that point of weight lose? Depression from martial problems two years back, now everything is great, it's just my weight. I know many woman...


I Cant Gain Weight

It seems the only time i can put weight on or keep weight on is when i am...

Diets & Eating Strategies

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Price of Curves Workout

I am inquiring if any one knows the pricing of the Curves work out classes. I have an 11 month old baby Boy and i am still breastfeeding him so I know that I can not diet and That I actually have to eat more. But I still have 8 lbs of baby weight on me and am looking to take it off!!! I called curves and they said that I need to take a tour. I have it scheduled for tomarrow but I do not want to be shocked if the price is much higher than I want to spend. So if any one knows please respond!


Diet for Weight Loss

I am curious to know what diet you have followed during weight loss and how...