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Natural Birth with Identical Twins? Please Share Your Experiences.

S.V. asks from Minneapolis

I am 30 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls, have no complications, and would like to consider natural birth. I am being very closely watched by my ob and everyt...


Concieving After Being on the Pill for 7 Years

V.R. asks from San Antonio

I just got off the pill at the beginning of april. I found out I was pregnant in the middle of may. On the 31 I miscarried. I havent had a baby in 7 years so I really...


Looking for a Good Prenatal Yoga Routine

M.L. asks from Seattle

I've recently begun practicing yoga...only to find out, two weeks later, I'm pregnant! I'm loving how yoga makes me feel, but most of the poses "should be avoided dur...


Stick It Out or Go for It? UPDATED

L.. asks from Roanoke

Mamas, I need your opinion. This is a little sensitive for me, so bear with me while I spill my guts. Not sure if any of you know my story, but I had a missed ...


First Time Mom with Questions Regarding Doctors Appointments

L.C. asks from Cleveland

I am 22 weeks pregnant and until now, I have seen my OBG once a month, except 1 extra appointment (Bell's Palsy recheck). During my visit yesterday, he advised that ...


I Just Want to Rant a Bit. Why Do People Ask Stupid Questons?

E.G. asks from Jackson

I just really want to rant a bit. I just had a baby 8months ago and have been on a diet. I know I gained some weight and it is mostly in my stomach. I am in a size 14...


37 Weeks Pregnant with Pressure in My Bum, but Baby Hasn't Dropped Yet.

T.L. asks from St. Louis

I am 37 weeks and 4 days today. I woke up with extreme pressure in my bum like I needed to go #2, but couldn't. This normally is a sign of labor, but I am a bit co...


How Soon Do You Think I Am?

M.P. asks from Washington DC

I just went to my weekly doctors appointment and my doctor told me that the baby is very low and i am 1 cent. dilated. So im just wondering if im getting soon and if ...


Has Anyone Attended Weight Watchers Meetings/used Online Tools?

P.P. asks from Chicago

I'm considering joining weight watchers. I have about 15 lbs that I would like to lose. Has anyone had success with this program and any comments about the weekly me...



C.O. asks from Minneapolis

My friend keeps pushing me and my family to see her Chiropractor. She has scoliosis and so goes there weekly. Neither my husband or myself have ever been to one or ...