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Sensative Lips and Pregnancy

A.M. asks from Dallas

Was just curious if anyone else has encountered sensative lips (redness and swelling) during the last 3-4 weeks of their pregnancy. I am approximately 36 weeks, with...


Dealing with Eczema

R.R. asks from Dallas

I am the "momma" of a wonderful 9 almost 10 month old boy. He is having a tough time with the itchy, dry skin that eczema causes. There are times when it seems that...


Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

K.L. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about ...


HELP! My Breasts Itch!

C.R. asks from Modesto

Hi there, I know the obvious, I need to go to the dr. but,I was wondering if anyone has had itchy (areolas) nipples, for the most part, but sometimes the rest of my b...


Dog Allergies in Small Child

S.R. asks from Chattanooga

My almost 5-year-old son is allergic to my 12-year old dog. In the winter months, he has a lot of trouble with chronic sinusitus and I'm sure it's from the dog aller...


Dry Feet

G.M. asks from New York

I was wondering does anyone have extremely dry feet? Its very annoying to me. I've tried so many different things. If you had or have this same experience I would lik...


Children with Psoriasis

K.D. asks from New York

HI. I'm K. and I have a 3 year old son, Jalen. He always had dry skin and I always had to keep his skin using lubiderm and aveeno lotions. Just last week, he broke ou...


My Own How to Book....

C.M. asks from Boston

So I am looking for home remedies and helpful tips that you as a mom picked up alnong the way. Things that the doctors may have not suggested. Things you have learned...


Skin Issues with Eczema

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

Thank you for all your advice! No more is needed now! Thank you very very much!!!


Baby Acne

M.J. asks from Kansas City

My baby is 4 weeks old and has terrible baby acne. It seems to be worse when she wakes up. Is there anything I can try to get it to go away- the doc said just to le...