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Just Curious - What Do You Think?

L.M. asks from Dover

Another post got me wondering. What do you think of family and/or friends who decide (especially last minute) to "celebrate" a birthday at a restaurant where everyon...


How Do You Get Your Husband to Volunteer His Help?

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

Don't get this the wrong way, I love my husband but you know they come with their perks and not so perks. My husband and I had been dating since 2001+-, we found ...


Gift or No?

M.D. asks from San Francisco

A friend of mine just sent out a wedding announcement. They were married in a small private ceremony. The announced that "Sometime in the following years they will ho...


...what If We're Not Rich Enough for a "Pre-nup", But...

W.. asks from Chicago

I have a kid and he doesn't. What about life insurance? My BF and I are *talking* marriage. Both of us have been married before. If he dies - I would get hi...


Is Your Child in Modeling?

K.V. asks from Lansing

I have had several people tell me I should get my daughter into modeling. Well, I kinda agree...I do think shes the cutest thing ever :) (and I need to update her p...


Car Accident & Bankruptcy!

C.S. asks from Dallas

OK! So, my mom was watching my daughter this weekend while my husband and I were out of town for a wedding. A man ran a redlight and hit my mom and daughther. Thank...


My Husbands Family Always Needs Money!!!

A.C. asks from Boston

Am I being selfish??? Okay so my husbands family is always in need of a financial bail out, from the day after our wedding date (long story) up until today, 6 year...


Need Help! Husband Wants a separation.....Need Advice!

B.T. asks from Los Angeles

About a month ago, my husband suggested that we separate....I hate to use the "d" word. However, I've have not agreed and am pushing for us to at least try. We have...



M.R. asks from Los Angeles

I am newly separated from my husband and spoke with a mediator today to discuss starting a divorce. I am 30 my husband is 29 and our son is 18 months. My husband has ...


Son Wants to Move Out

D.D. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have had custody of his two children since they were in the 3rd and 4th grade. I have raised them as if they were my own birth children. Currently th...