Wedding Planning

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Wedding - How Common Is the "Money Dance"?

L.D. asks from Los Angeles

My friend’s son is getting married in 2 weeks. She was telling me that during the reception, the bride & groom were going to do the “Money Dance”. It was her...


My DH Not Invited to Son's Wedding

N.G. asks from Los Angeles

My step-son is getting married in February next year. His Fiancé does not want us there. Her parents were killed in a car accident 2 years ago. She told my step-...


Another Wedding Gift Question

S.N. asks from Chicago

A friend of mine married a man18 years ago. His daughter, her stepdaughter is getting married on a Friday night in June at a very expensive hotel downtown in chicago....


Wedding Invitations Advice!

P.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter will be getting married in the next year or so. We are thinking we probably will order invitations from a stationary store. Has anyone had good luck with ...


Stepdaughter's Wedding Shower

K.K. asks from New York

Hello... I have been married for 5 years to my husband. It is a second marriage for both of us. He has 2 daughters and I have one. All are young adults living on thei...


Step Daughter Getting Married

G.S. asks from Goldsboro

My step daughter is getting married in September. She will graduate in June, turn 19 in August and get married in September. I am really glad that she has decided to...


Wedding Photography Pricing

K.L. asks from Dallas

My husband, an excellent but not professional photographer, has recently been asked by two coworkers to take photos at their separate weddings. They have seen his phot...


Looking for Outdoor Wedding Venue

A.L. asks from Phoenix

Hey Moms I am looking for a little help. A family member is looking for a place to get married on a little short notice. (last weekend of Nov). They would like to do t...


Wedding Thank You Cards

S.W. asks from Houston

My step daughter got married a month ago yesterday and she has not sent out Thank you cards at least to her fathers family, my family nor any of our friends. We are t...


Green Wedding ideas....decorations, Centerpieces, Bouquets???

C.M. asks from Lewiston

My daughter is getting married in October, in New Hampshire. We are hoping for an outdoor ceremony, weather permitting. Any ideas for decorations/centerpieces that ...