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Is Anyone Else Annoyed with the New Symbols?

A.H. asks from Chicago

I know it's silly. I've noticed a lot of people on here using symbols around their names, which is kind of cute. But this morning I saw someone using only symbols fo...


Shampoo Suggestions for My Daughter?

D.J. asks from Chicago

My daughter almost 13, and beginning to develop. In the past 2 or 3 weeks her hair has become an oily mess! Is there a good shampoo we can try? She currently has on...


JFF: What Hilariously Bad Gifts Have You Gotten over the Years?

B.C. asks from Dallas

My husband's grandma is a notoriously bad gift giver. She sends the most hilarious stuff. One year, my husband got a grocery sack full of pecans, a sedan car cover (he...


How Do I Word This?

S.P. asks from Dallas

Hello, mamas. My step-daughter, who stays with us every other weekend and has her very own room at our house, is about to turn 11 years old next month. As is the case ...


Adult Children

C.C. asks from Washington DC

My DD’s “fiancé” convinced her he loved her and wanted to marry her but it didn’t happen (LONG story) and they are now broke up. For the past semester there h...


Just About Lost It with My Husband, Need to Vent!

C.B. asks from Kansas City

okay moms, i was just answering someone's question about how insensitive men are about mother's day. i woke up yesterday to, "what do you want and how much can i spend...


Seeking Answers to Survey

F.Y. asks from Chicago

I'm just curious, doing my own personal survey of these questions I have: What was the dumbest, weirdest, clueless most infuriating thing your other half said or did ...


Going from Mommy's Boyfriend to Daddy

N.C. asks from Dallas

I'm a single mom of an almost three year old little boy. His biological father is not in the picture at all. I haven't heard from him in two years. A few months bac...


How Old Were You or Was Your Daughter?

L.C. asks from Dayton

My daughter came home from school saying that there were girls in her class that were getting their nails prefessionally done, like acryllics, and she wanted hers done...


Daughter Is over 21

L.S. asks from Pittsburgh

i am a widow and the mother of an only child--my daughter. she is with a guy that i kinda like but my major problem is with her boyfriends mother. i have know her f...