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Anyone Have Advice on Saving for Children's College? 529 Plans?

R.L. asks from Dallas

Looking for information on saving for children's college. Family gives money for kids birthdays and Christmas and I want to start something just not sure where to be...


Almost 13 Year Old and Use of Internet

S.H. asks from Chicago

Our daughter, almost 13 years old, has had an email address for a couple of years. She doesn't have a myspace or facebook page. The agreement we established when sh...


What Is the Best Online Savings Account??

A.S. asks from St. Cloud

I am wondering what other moms are doing for savings? And what is the best online savings account offered right now? I signed up for a savings account (ING Direct)...


Saving Money on Vacation

T.F. asks from Dayton

My husband and I have two daughters who are 16 and 11. We are planning on going to Myrtle Beach in July. We have a limited budget to work with. Does anybody have any...


Saving Money by Shopping Online

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! Just wondering if anyone can recommend an online resource for shopping. I want to buy detergent, fabric softener, etc. I've found that I don't want to go to Targe...


I've Got Some Money Saving Type of Questions

T.M. asks from Jackson

As everyone else, I'm looking to cut cost where ever I can. So I'm wondering about a few things below. 1) Bounce Bar: Does this really truly work? 2) ALDI gro...


Checking Account?

L.L. asks from Hartford

How much do you ladies leave in your checking account as a buffer? I get nervous is there isn't at least $500.00 in there after bills are paid. I like to know know th...


Money Fight!!

J.M. asks from San Diego

Let me start off by saying my husband I rarely fight. We are best friends and communicate very well. The issue I am having is money. Until 3 years ago I always mad...


How to save Money

M.P. asks from San Francisco

I am trying to put a mini class together about "how to save money" at a church function. As a Japanese, I supposed to be good at it, but I am better at spending than ...


Website Development for Someone Who's IT Challenged

S.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, Do you have any suggestions for any websites or companies that help with website development for cheap? I own a cake/cupcake business and am looking to de...