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Intimacy Issues During Pregnancy?!

A.B. asks from Indianapolis

As much as I hate posting this as an issue, I am at witts end. I am currently six and a half months pregnant with my first child. Other than naseau issues during th...


Pregnancy Question, Don't Know Where to Go from Here.

C.S. asks from Youngstown

I found out the other day I failed my one hour glucose test. Passing is 140 and I got 155. I went this morning to take the 3 hour one and I threw up an hour in. I'm s...


Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

A.S. asks from Dallas

How accurate are the Dollar Tree pregnancy tests? I have never gotten a positive from these tests and I have taken a lot of them. I have only ever gotten positives ...


Major Headaches During Pregnancy??

A.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant with twins. I've read that headaches are common in pregnancy, but this is ridiculous! It seems almost every morning latel...


Morning Sickness Without Pregnancy?

H.F. asks from Minneapolis

I have been experiencing what seems exactly like morning sickness for the past week, I get mildly nausious most mornings and fel 100% better after I eat breakfast, on...


Pregnancy Mood swings...what to Do About It...

L.W. asks from Birmingham

I am 12 weeks pregnant, and have been having HORRIBLE mood swings! If I'm not being a witch, I'm crying! I know that some mood swings are normal..but this is gettin...


Advice on Bras and Pregnancy

A.F. asks from New York

I am twenty-seven weeks pregnant with my second daughter. Lately my back hurts and I think it is my bra. I just went to a real maternity store (Destination Maternity...


PUPPP Rash During Pregnancy

M.K. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, I thought I saw a request about a rash during pregnancy but could not find it, so I need help. I have PUPPP it just started and I am 30 weeks pregnant with...


Mirena IUC and Pregnancy???

J.M. asks from Dallas

Has anyone else out there had any experience with Mirena IUC? I had mine put in last october. I have had my period like clockwork since then until now...I havent had ...


Fibromyalgia and Planning a 2Nd Pregnancy

S.S. asks from Goldsboro

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in late July. It developed after the birth of my first child in February 2009. I am currently on 75 mg of amitryptaline per day, w...