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Thyroid Medication Levoxyl During Pregnancy?

K.S. asks from Los Angeles

I currently take 88 mcg of Levoxyl, which is essentially synthetic thyroid hormone because my body doesn't produce enough. It is a common condition in women, called ...


Prescription Acne Meds During Pregnancy

B.K. asks from New York

I am currently in my 1st trimester and have been dealing with adult acne since the birth of my first child. My derm put me on a salicylic acid face wash and ehtromocy...


Monistat 7 Safe During Pregnancy?

D.N. asks from Atlanta

I am 20 weeks pregnant and have had a yeast infection since early on in the pregnancy. The only symptom is it burns/hurts when we are having sex and I have been relu...


Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

E.D. asks from Great Falls

Hi there, I am 13 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed Diflucan (1 pill) 2 weeks ago. She prescribed a second pill in case the infection came back. I took the sec...


Hair Loss After Pregnancy

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Ok mommies! I totally get that I'm supposed to lose hair after pregnancy. BUT HOW MUCH!?!?! At the rate I'm going I fear I will be bald in three months! I have baby f...


Rhogam Shot During and After Pregnancy

T.K. asks from Dallas

I am Rh negative and my doctor wants me to get the Rhogam shot next month. I have been reading SOOO many positives and negatives about it, and just want to hear from...


Painful Constipation During Pregnancy

T.D. asks from Chicago

My best friend is pregnant with her second pregnancy. She has been experiencing painful constipation for about five days at a time. When she does go, it's not enoug...


Unplanned Pregnancy -- Very Scared and Nervous

J.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I recently found out I was pregnant. I am on birth control as we had made the decision that we are content with two wonderful healthy children (with plans so...


Sushi and Sashimi During Pregnancy?

K.L. asks from Seattle

So, I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I LOVE Sushi, Sashimi and the like... I was told by one friend of mine that in pregnancy we are not supposed to consume raw fish because...


Pregnancy Test Confusion

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Yesterday I took a First Response pregnancy test (the kind with the lines) at 15 days past ovulation and there was clearly a second line. It was very very faint, but ...