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Breast Milk

K.B. asks from Savannah

How do you allow your breast milk to dry up without being engorged, or running the risk of developing mastitis because the breasts are so full at first?


Advice on Weaning My Little Girl

J.H. asks from Visalia

My daughter is 20 months old and I have started weaning her. I know, I know...She's a little old but she has shown no signs of wanting to wean so, I decided to just d...


Night Weaning a Breastfed Toddler

E.H. asks from Grand Rapids

When and how should I night wean my son? He is 14 months old and usually wakes once a night to nurse. I have heard to wait until 18 months, and I have heard that as...



L.J. asks from Tampa

Hi ladies! My son just turned one last week and was so OVER nursing. He actually weaned himself a couple of weeks back. He is doing wonderfully and doesn't seem to...


Still Leaking Breastmilk from Right Breast & Did Not Breast feed..daughter Is 1.

K.K. asks from New York

Hi everyone. I am still leaking breastmilk from my right breast and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 4/18/07. I did not breast feed. I spoke to the maternal-f...


Schedule for Feeding Solids with Breastfeeding and Night Weaning??

K.G. asks from Boston

I feel silly even asking this because I have a 20 month old so I should remember how to do all this, but I don't! I have completely forgotten in just a year! I am s...


Breastfeeding Agitation/aversion

R.K. asks from Minneapolis

I'm looking for advice from other breastfeeding mothers who may have experience with what I'm currently going through. I have a wonderful 18 month old son who still n...


Breastfeeding After Lumpectomy

M.R. asks from San Luis Obispo

Hello moms, I'm scheduled to undergo a lumpectomy in a month or so to remove a breast tumor. If everything goes as planned the tumor will be benign and I will be a...


The Aftermath of Breastfeeding

J.G. asks from Canton

Sorry, didn't know what to title this one! I breastfed my baby for 5 months. He's now 6 1/2 months old. Kinda personal....but my breasts are of a jello like consis...


How Do I Wean from a Swaddle?

M.H. asks from New York

I have a 6 mth old who pretty much refuses to sleep unless he is swaddled. I have tried a few nights to keep him unwrapped but he just keeps startling himself and wa...