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My Son Does Not like Water

K.W. asks from Portland

My 15 month old son does not like water. and I mean getting in any water baby pool lake heated pool or even the bath what do I do?


Water Filtration System or Softener

J.B. asks from Dallas

We are in need of a water filtration system or water softener. We had a Rainsoft system at our previous house, and while it was great water, it was an expensive syste...


Giving Babies Water

M.S. asks from New York

Why is it newborns are not supposed to get water? I have been told this by several people.


Recommendations for Water Filter

C.S. asks from Los Angeles

My family drinks through bottled water like crazy and even though we recycle, it seems so wasteful to go through all those bottles. Plus, I'm not too crazy about the...


To Drink Tap Water or Not?

C. asks from Chicago

We have been buying water by using our own container in the past years, recently I bought this Brita pitcher and was hoping I can use it to have a good quality of dri...


Toddler Loves Playing with Water

N.D. asks from Chicago

My toddler loves to sit at the tub playing with the running faucet, or sit on our sink and play with the running faucet. She screams if I try to shut it off. Needless...


Flouridated Water Good or Bad?

N.F. asks from Los Angeles

Is flouridated water good for mixing into the baby's powdered formula? If not, why? or what is the better choice?


I Know I Need to Drink Water, But ....

W.B. asks from Lubbock

I'm six weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I KNOW what I should be doing, but the thought of water just makes me even sicker. I know I should be drinking water, but I ...


Tankless Water Heater Question

J.L. asks from Chicago

Hi, I was wondering if any of you have had experience with a tankless water heater. Thank you for all your help.