Water Birth

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Water Birth in W Subs

R. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone know if there is any place to have a waterbirth? Are there any birthing centers around here, or hospitals that allow them? At the very least, I'd love a...


Questions About Water Birth

S.H. asks from St. Louis

Okay, here's the deal. I am pregnant with baby #2 and am planning a water birth. For our first child, I had an epidural and had a great birthing experience. I just...


Home Birth/Water Birth

G.D. asks from New London

Has any other Moms on here had home births? Water births? I'm looking to have a water birth this time around after 2 not so great experiences. There are no hospital...


Water Birth Vs. Epidural REVISED

S.L. asks from El Paso

Hey ladies, I have about 3 weeks left until my due date and have always been set on an epidural...but lately I have been interested in water birth. Have any of you do...


Water Birth or 'Regular' Birth.

K.S. asks from Bloomington

Hello, First time pregnancy here, debating what I want to do when the time comes. would welcome others experiences. I do know I'd prefer not to have drugs during...


Does Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Offer Water Birth?

C.S. asks from San Francisco

I am curious to know if Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital offers water birth and if any of you have had the experience there, what was th outcome? The pros and cons? Th...


I Am Going to Try a Water Birth, Any One Done One?

L.B. asks from El Paso

I am 22 on pregnancy number two. With my first I had her at home with a mid wife and loved it. I was in and out of the bath most of the labor but my tub was to small ...



E.N. asks from Chicago

My 10 month-old has absolutely no interest in drinking water. I've tried putting it in a bottle and sippy cup with no luck. She literally laughs at me! She plays with...


First Time Water Birth

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

I am 33 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and we are planning a hospital water birth. I have had a natural birth without meds with my 2nd but never a water birth. I hav...


Looking for Someone Who Does Water Births

S.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for someone in the DFW area or maybe southern Oklahoma that will perform a water birth. I have called a few midwives in the area and nobody seems to kno...