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10 Year Old Birthday Party

P.R. asks from Kansas City

My daughter will be 10 in November. We are new to the area and school district and I want to come up with an idea for her birthday party this year to help her make f...


13 Year Old DD Feeling Tired for No Reason. Ideas?

H.G. asks from Lancaster

My 13 year old DD has been feeling tired for the past couple of weeks for what seems like no reason. A little background - she's been more active for maybe the last ...


Birthday Dilemma

M.H. asks from Chicago

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with some suggestions... My twins will be turning 1 soon and being their "Golden Birthday", I really wanted to do something s...


Seeking Mom's Advice on Dieting for a 14 Year Old.

L.S. asks from Charleston

My daughter is 14 and her weight is 175pds .She is so depressed about her weight but i have no idea on how to help her lose the weight..anyone one that has any ideas ...


Face Care for Developing 12 Year Old Girl

A.H. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is 12 years old and has started developing. So far her face is clear, but I would like to know what she can use to wash and care for her face now, before...


Cheap/free 13 Year Old Girl Birthday Ideas

M.P. asks from Chicago

I'm spending the day with my 13 year old niece. I'm flat broke and need activity ideas. We are gonna cook something but I need 1 more project. We were going to do ...


Toddler Birthday

S.F. asks from Charlotte

I'm interested in learning... what did you do for your 3 year old's birthday? Did you keep it simple and intimate with family only... or did you throw a big bash wit...


Birthday Party

N.K. asks from Washington DC

We have a wonderful newly adopted 10 year old girl who has never had a birthday party. She constantly talks about her upcoming party in Jan and is so excited. The p...


December Birthday

R.B. asks from Columbus

My husband and I just found out the we are expecting our third child. We were going to start trying for #3 mid summer or so, but I guess God had a different plan. W...


Birth Control

M.W. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, I need advice on birth control. I had an IUD removed a couple years ago..since my hubby and I wanted to try for baby #2. I had complications and therefore ...