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20 Month Old --- Weaning from the Bottle

W.A. asks from Las Vegas

Ok Moms, i know this probably should have been done earlier, but i need advice. I have a very demanding child when it comes to her bottle. She uses it as a sit time...



A.S. asks from Albany

I am trying to get my 10 month old to try a sippy cup... She likes to play with it. If I hold it up she drinks, if not, then she plays. What age should we be trying...


Sippy Cup

A.B. asks from Indianapolis

Hello mama's, I need tips on how to introduce the sippy cup to my 6 month-old baby without so much crying. I tried to give it to her but she cries so much it's brea...


Best Way to Transport Milk When Weaning Toddler off of Bottle

R.A. asks from Seattle

Hi all, We have just weaned our toddler off of his bottle and on to cow's milk in a sippy cup. When we go on outings we still fill a bottle with milk and take a sipp...


Itchy Legs

B.F. asks from Detroit

I have very itchy thighs. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know what it could be?


Used Baby Bottles

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Does anybody know if its ok to reuse baby bottles from other moms?Because Im trying to find some because they are kind of expensive,,,please give me your sugestion......


Transitioning from Her Bottle to Her Sippie Cup Fulltime.

G.B. asks from Killeen

My little girl just turned a year old and her pediatrician told me that she no longer needs to be on a bottle after she turns 14 months old. The problem I am having i...


Milk Supply

C. asks from Lawrence

Has anyone out there experienced a low milk supply when breastfeeding? If so what did you do about it?


Party Favor and Game Ideas for 15 y.o. Girls

M.M. asks from Dallas

What is a good party favor for 15 year old girls. We are having 14 girls for a sleepover next weekend....eeee gads, but it should be fun. Anyone have any activiti...


Getting a Child off the Bottle?

A.P. asks from Chicago

Im having a hard time getting my two year old son off the bottle ive been trying on to get him off the bottle for a couple months now and i have tried every sippy cup...