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Bath for 7-Month Old

S.P. asks from Davenport

My baby girl is 7 months old and I am writing to ask what suggestions you ladies have at bath time. Currently I just get in the bath with her OR I kneel down beside t...


13 Month Old Won't Drink Milk from Cup

K.P. asks from Boston

HI, My 13 month old daughter will not drink milk from a sippy cup. She will drink water from a sippy cup, and has been for many months, but she refuses to drink milk...


Sippy Cup for Weaning from Breastfeeding?

A.B. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, My daughter has been exclusively breast fed for the past 11 months and I am preparing to wean her in a month and am wondering if any nursing mothers can r...


Advice on How to Get 9 Month Old to Drink from Sippy Cup

J.L. asks from Raleigh

Does anyone have advice on how to get a 9 month old to drink from a sippy cup. My doctor told me to start working on it at our 6 month visit. I've been working on i...


I Dont Make Enough Milk. HELP!

M.B. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, I've never had a lot of milk and I've been taking Fenugreek and nursing tea from week 4. I drink 2-3 liters of water a day and I pump 4 times a day. ...


Getting Rid of Bottle for Good

R.P. asks from Cleveland

My one year old has figured out how to get the nipple of her bottle down into the bottle and tries it with every bottle we give her now, sometimes she succeds others ...


Adding a Sippy Cup to a Breasfed Only 10 Month Old

M.M. asks from Phoenix

My baby, almost 10 months old, will only drink from me directly. He only nurses 3-4 times a day. At this age I think he should be drinking more than that but since ...


Baby Won't Take Bottle (Or Cup)

J.M. asks from New York

I need help! My son is 10 months old and I am pregnant, and I want to start weaning him off the breast. I tried last night and today to give him a bottle (and a cup) ...


Infant Constipation

J.S. asks from Tampa

Do all 6 month olds (or infants) have constipation? It seems that my 6 month old daughter who I have breastfed since birth is now getting some solids in her feeding ...


Weaning off of Bottle. Sippy Cups, Regular Cups. . . I Have Questions

P.M. asks from Denver

Ok so my son in now 14 months old. He's been using a sippy cup for water and juice since about 7-8 months of age. Right now when I offer him juice or water from a cup...