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Baby Acne

A.A. asks from Jackson

I have a 3wk old son with baby acne....How long does this last and is there anything I can do to help it go away. I've been washing his face everyday with just a cot...


Infant with Keratosis Pilaris on Face

A.H. asks from Rochester

I'm looking for any suggestions or success stories with keratosis pilaris on infant cheeks. Around 6 months old, my son started to get what looked like pimples on his...


My OB Thought I Had PUPPP, but Not So Sure Anymore--help!

L.Y. asks from Minneapolis

My OB told me I had PUPPP (pregnancy rash) last week, this morning it spread to my left cheek. I called her and now she is not certain it's PUPPP, because this rash s...


Facial Skin Problems

A.S. asks from Salt Lake City

Hello ladies, I am at the end of my rope trying to fix my skin problem. On my face I have 5 trouble spots. Two above my mouth to the left and right a bit and two ...


Dry Skin

M.M. asks from Pittsburgh

My baby is 3 months old and his skin so so dry! I only bathe him with water once a week and do a sponge bath on him 2x a week to prevent dry skin but it's still dry....


3 1/2 Year Old Girl

T.C. asks from Bakersfield

My little girl has been complaining about her private part hurting. when i went to look at it the inside of her lips were red. when she goes to pee it hurts her to wi...


Eczema Bumps on Back of Head?

A.T. asks from Atlanta

My little one has been battling eczema since he was just a few weeks old, triggered by bathing him with J & J baby wash. Both his pediatrician and dermatologist sugg...


Diaper Rash in 3 Week Old

T.G. asks from New York

I have a 3 week old son with horrible diaper rash on his bum. We are only using cotton and water to clean him (no wipes) and using A&D and Desitin at each change (th...


Relieving Itching with Eczema

S.S. asks from Killeen

My 28 month old son has had eczema since birth, I done tried all kinds of creams, steroids and liquids. He has severe itching, im wanting to know if there is any home...


37+ Week Pregnant and Itchy!!

A.W. asks from Minneapolis

I got itchy with my first and it has started again. My hands, feet and inner thigh get very itchy, especially at night. There are little bumps that form and I do hav...