Watching TV

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Digital Tv

O.S. asks from Birmingham

Our son's college apartment has a cable connection in the main living area but not in the bedroom. You aren't allowed to run it anywhere else. If I buy him one of t...


Too Much TV

T.R. asks from Pittsburgh

my two month old loves the TV, is there anything I can do to stop her. I heard that it is bad for them.


Too Much TV

A.C. asks from Greensboro

I have a 17 month old girl. I stay at home all day with her. Which i feel blessed to be able to do. The question is I have the TV on all day is that good or bad. I le...


T.V. At Bedtime

T.S. asks from Chicago

My son has to fall asleep with the t.v. on and now i want to break this habit. Anyone with an suggestions on how to start this process?


Locking TV

R.B. asks from Chicago

IS there a way to lock a TV? I don't want the kids to be able to turn it on when I am working in the kitchen. Any feature that would ask for a password to start any p...


As Seen on Tv

L.M. asks from New York

Just curious. Has any bought a product they loved, hated or somewhere inbetween? I bought green storage containers (not bags) that supposed help produce last lon...


Cable Tv

J.B. asks from Dallas

We have Dish and I believe we are paying too much. If you have cable tv, what are your monthly rates if you are just one step above the basic? We right at $70 for t...


Do You Tie down Your TV?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Just saw a show about how many kid injuries and deaths there are by tv's falling over on kids. We have old school tv's (see prior and I have had them st...


Guilty Pleasure Tv Shows?

C.J. asks from Milwaukee

I just watched Nancy Grace's "Swift Justice" (DON'T LAUGH!) and I got to thinking ""gee, I really watch some bad tv during naptime. What is your biggest guilty pl...