Watching TV: The First Years

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Television Consumption

M.H. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 15 months and just recently started paying attention when the TV is on. I'm a SAHM and I used to have the TV on all day just for background noise, most...


Infants and Television

A.P. asks from Portland

I have a four month old who loves to watch the television but I haven't been letting him watch it nearly as much because I have recently heard it is bad for infants u...


TV Or No TV?

Y.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hello! So I've heard many different things about babies watching TV. My baby is going to be 6 months old on April 4th and sometimes she gets so fussy nothing calms he...


What Are Good Cartoons and Movies for Babys Through There First Year?

S.P. asks from Los Angeles

Just out of curiousity. :)


TV Time

J.P. asks from Boise

My son is 22 months, and I have another on the way, due in 2 months. My son has never had TV time. When he is awake, the TV is off. I plan to do the same for the n...


Tv, Toddler and Autisim???

A.M. asks from College Station

I was on a friends website just a few mins ago and their was a post about tv=autism! I have an 18 month old who watches tv here and there but it's basicly background ...


Social Adjustment and Lack of TV

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

This question may be a little odd - my two year old has not watched any TV, and we are thinking of canceling cable to help encourage the rest of the family to watch l...


Day Care Provider and TV

C.T. asks from Sacramento

Our 3 month old daughter recently started day care with a lovely lady with great recommendations who looks after just one other child so ours gets lots of attention a...


For You Mamas Who Don't Give Your Kids T.V.

H.X. asks from Los Angeles

How do you do it? What do your days look like? Do you have hired help to make this possible? How can I go about it? Right now I use about an hour of TV four morni...


Your Baby Can Read. Tv

L.D. asks from Hartford

Hi Moms, I just saw this commercial on tv about a program that you use at home to teach your baby to read. As with any good infomercial, it had several examples sho...