Watching TV: Older Child

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TV Watching

J.W. asks from Philadelphia

I'm looking for ideas on what Mom's of both preschoolers and infants do about TV watching. When I had my first son, it was pretty easy for me to do the no TV until a...


What Tv Shows Are 10 Year Old Girls Watching?

H.M. asks from Phoenix

I have a 10 year old, 7 year old and 3 year old. They're all girls. My 10 year old ends up watching tv shows that the 2 younger ones like. They all like Penguins of M...


Television Watching and Small Children

C.M. asks from Tampa

Can I be honest here? I feel like my kids are watching too much t.v. They wake up and start watching t.v. I think they watch about an hour in the morning before br...


Babies Watching T.V.

M.F. asks from Youngstown

How do you feel about babies watching T.V.? My freinds daughter has been watching the Disney channel since she was 6 months old(she is 14 months now) and they tivo sh...


What TV Shows Do You Watch as a Family?

R.N. asks from Norfolk

What TV Shows Do You Watch As A Family? Any you refuse to allow them watch? We watch Doctor Who, Phineas and Ferb, Old Star Trek's and 19 Kids and Counting. My childr...


Tics While Watching TV

F.T. asks from San Francisco

I know TV isn't the greatest thing for kids, but my 6 yr old daughter seems to have eye and head bobbing tics only while watching TV. This happens especially later i...


How Do You Limit Your Child's TV Watching??

S.W. asks from Dallas

I have a 4-year-old and am afraid the TV situation is getting out of control. She went from not caring anything for a TV to LOVING it. I'm thinking of using a chart o...


JFF (Sort Of) - What Does Your 5 Yo Watch on TV?

K.B. asks from Detroit

This isn't meant to be a debate on how much, if any, TV kids should watch. My daughter is now 5 and has been watching the shows on Disney Jr and Nick Jr since she was...


What Tv Shows Do You Let Your 1St Graders Watch?

S.F. asks from Madison

I have a 7 year old daughter who is in 1st grade. I have never let her watch shows like Hanna Montana or iCarly. I know that these are popular in some households. ...


Tv Watching 10 Month Old

J.V. asks from Austin

I have a 10 month old little boy who has loved to watch t.v. and movies since he was 3 months old. Every day he watches Elmo, and movies (not to much). He sits in his...