Watching TV: Dora the Explorer

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JFF-- What TV Shows Do You Watch?

K.J. asks from Chicago

So I was TOTALLY into the HBO series "Game of Thrones" and CANNOT WAIT until season 2 begins next the mean time, I am looking for another show to get into....


Tv Watching 10 Month Old

J.V. asks from Austin

I have a 10 month old little boy who has loved to watch t.v. and movies since he was 3 months old. Every day he watches Elmo, and movies (not to much). He sits in his...


Do You Let Your Kids Watch TV During Breakfast?

P.M. asks from Fort Walton Beach

Funny, I have a strict no TV law at dinner but for some reason I let them watch TV at breakfast. Does that even make sense?


Need Advice: Is It Too Young for a 10 Month Old to Watch TV?

T.B. asks from Pittsburgh

About a month ago I got out some baby Einstein DVD's and my son fell in love with them. He gets so excited to watch them. The best part is that I can turn that on and...


Television Consumption

M.H. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is 15 months and just recently started paying attention when the TV is on. I'm a SAHM and I used to have the TV on all day just for background noise, most...


Spanish-speaking Cartoons?

J.L. asks from Dallas

Any favorite Spanish-speaking cartoons that your kids enjoy watching? My son is in Spanish-immersion preschool but we don't help enforce it at home. I know the chan...


Cartoon Help Trivia

D.S. asks from Houston

my son is speech delayed and keeps asking fora paticular cartoon. I can't figure out which one. can you help me. wow wow wow is wowo wow wuzzy. go go go is go diego g...


Television Programs for Toddlers

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

I need toddler's TV program recommendations because I know nothing about children's shows. My daughter is 19 months old, and until last week we had a strict no TV po...


Too Much TV?

M.G. asks from Chicago

What is the best amount of time for tv if a child is three? My son only watches Sprout, but tv is tv. He wants to watch all the time. It's a constant battle. We a...


Too Much TV!?

S.C. asks from Stockton

My sister watches my son in my home 5 days a week while me and my husband are at work. After breakfast, I watch an hour of cartoons with my son before I head out the ...