Washing Machine

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Need Help Cleaning Washing Machine!

C.A. asks from New York

I know, it sounds so stupid! But my husband accidentally washed a wet diaper in the wash...awhile ago...and the washing machine STINKS!!! I don't know how to get th...


Getting Grunge Out of a Washing Machine

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mamas, My son is four years old and has a gift for getting into dirt. If he leaves preschool without being soaking wet and having a half cup of sand in his sho...


Need Small Washing Machine for Baby Cloths

B.N. asks from New York

Any one can help me to find a small washing machine which did not need pluming, as the house owner didn't want any pluming. I need something low priced and easy to us...


Need Help with Musty Smell in My Washing Machine

T.M. asks from Chicago

Hi fellow moms. My washing machine has a musty smell in it. I've tried running an empty load with water and bleach, but that didn't do anything. I always leave the ...


Good Front End Loader Washing Machine

S.K. asks from Colorado Springs

We are in the market to purchase a new front end loader washing machine and dryer. There are so many out there to choose from. Anyone have one that they just love a...


Washing Machine Recommendations

L. asks from Chicago

I currently have a Maytag Neptune front loader washer, which I need to replace. It has a moldy odor and is not washing clothes properly. I have gone on consumer rep...


Need Help with Odor in Washing Machine

L.L. asks from Orlando

I am desperate! I left some wet towels in the washing machine, and cannot get the odor of mildew out(ugh). I have tried bleach and vinegar. I appreciate any soluti...


Suggestions for New Washing Machine

E.J. asks from Los Angeles

My washing machine died and I need a new one asap. Someone asked the same question back in 2009 but with the technology changing so quickly i thought i would repost....


Good Washing Machine

G.S. asks from Boston

Hi, I need a new washing machine fairly quickly! What do you have and would you recommend the brand, and what is the cubic foot capacity? I am thinking of either...


Smelly Washing Machine

J.A. asks from San Antonio

Hi ladies. This is my problem. My daughter has left numerous loads of wet laundry in my washing machine and it has developed a mildew smell. Ive tried filling it with...