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Washing Machine Odor

B.T. asks from Detroit

My son had a big accident in his pants, and after washing them in our washer the machine smells horrible, really sour and poopy (ugh, not to mentioned the pants smell...


Cloth Diapers

A.P. asks from Denver

I realize that there are many options out there! I am pregnant with our third child and after purchasing disposable diapers for the first two kids I am now consideri...


Advice for Alternative to Plastic Sandwich Bags

P.L. asks from Grand Rapids

I need some ideas on what I can use to put sandwiches, snacks, etc. in when packing my daughter's lunch. I have been trying to make changes in our lives to support t...


Help Cleaning Toddler Urine in Carpet!!!

T.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there. I walked into my toddlers' room on Saturday morning to the horrible smell of urine. By tonight, it is absolutley horrible! I have a bad feeling that afte...


Laundry Stains

K.H. asks from Detroit

I am the worst with laundry stains. It seems no matter what I do, I can never get anything out. Currently I have washed a load of laundry (oh yeah and dried) it wit...


How to Get Oil Spot Out of Clothes.

S.S. asks from Detroit

In the last week I have come across a handful of articles of clothing that have oil spots on them. It seems to have gotten on at least on article for each family meme...


Seeking Advice on Laundry Soap

K.G. asks from Columbus

Have any of you tried homemade laundry soap? I did a search yesterday on Google and found several websites with info. Just wanted to see if anyone has had success w...


Help with Stained Baby Clothing....

H.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I am wondering if anyone has found a product that works good on breast-fed, poop stains on baby's clothing. My daughter seems to have "blow-outs" all the time and I c...


Getting Smell Out

C.S. asks from Kalamazoo

Yesterday my son caught an awful stomach bug and vomited all over the house before making it to the bathroom. We have cleaned and cleaned and I washed everything in ...


Do You Use Your Dishwasher?

K.L. asks from Sacramento

I use my dishwasher, only as a dry rack. I fully handwash all my dishes, and stack them in the washer to dry. I hate, hate, hate running my dishwasher! No matter how ...