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Allergy Testing in Two Year Old

A.H. asks from Dayton

My daughter just turned two in March & has had what seems to be a chronic cold since she was about nine months old. She was in the hospital in October for three days...


Senior Dog/ Surgery Again? Need Advise

J.K. asks from Mansfield

Hey moms- need some advise here. My 12 (13 in January) year old Rotty has a growth on her back. It is not cancer and the vet says that it is not shortening her life s...


Church Camp and a Worried Mom

S.B. asks from Topeka

My children ages 10 and 8 are going to church camp next week. They are both going at separate times, the older will stay for 4 nights, the smallest will stay for 2 n...


My Son Has a White Bump Under His Eye

K.M. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Moms! Does anyone know what would cause this? In July, my son (who is 3 1/2) cut his skin just under his eye and we had to go to the ER to have them use Dermabond...


Hard-ish Flesh Colored Bumps Spreading All over My Toddler!!!!!

M.A. asks from Washington DC

I'm freaking out. Hi mammas and thank you again for your mommy wisdom. I have not been able to find anything about this online and my son has an appointment soon bu...


For Moms of High-schoolers or Soon to Be High-schoolers- How Do You Do It?

K.S. asks from Denver

Thanks in advance for the support. The first thing to know here is that I am a worry-wart already, so I stress about lots of things. But this one just might do me in....


Your Parents and Medical Information

B.S. asks from San Antonio

So amidst everything else that's going on in my life (which is totally blessed, I might add), I'm having a minor medical issue that had me laid up on Saturday night i...


Moms of Breastfeeding 14-18 Month olds...PLEASE READ and HELP!!!!!

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms! I really need your help! I am having quite the time with my 16 month old daughter and her pooping patterns/tendencies. I need to hear about your children’s...


What IS That?

K.S. asks from Milwaukee

The other night, while giving my daughter a shower, I noticed a pimple-like growith on her heel. It does not bother her in any way, no pain if I touch it or anything...


I Have Molluscum!!!!

R.J. asks from New York

My daughter had molluscum and is finally starting to get over it. Thankfully she only has a few dots left. About 2 weeks ago I noticed some bumps on my hand. Today I...