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Survey- Do You Lock Your Child in Their Room for Nap/rest & Bedtime?

B.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms and Dads! Question- do you lock or gate your kids in their rooms for nap/rest and bedtime? A friend will close her child in their room (with the childproof...


Mommas W/ SPD Kiddos...

M.M. asks from Bellingham

What are the symptoms of SPD in an infant? My 8 month old does some odd behaviors that make me worry. I looked up an infant/toddler spd checklist and a good number so...


Feeding Issues with My One Year old.....any Suggestions?

C.H. asks from Colorado Springs

I have 12 month old baby girl who will not eat finger foods such as cheerios, small pieces of cheese, cut up fruit or veggies or any of the Gerber baby cookies and pu...


Low Amniotic Fluid Level

A.R. asks from Kansas City

I'm 19 weeks pregnant with #2 and just had an ultrasound yesterday - the doc informed me that the tech discovered I have low levels of amniotic fluid around the baby....


Good Birth Stories

L.H. asks from Savannah

Good afternoon Ladies, I'm looking for other mothers who have had great birth experiences who would like to share. I am delivering my baby in a few weeks and altho...


Daughter Won't Take Bottle

M.S. asks from Columbus

As of recently my 4 month old daughter will not take a bottle. She is mainly breastfed and occasionally given a bottle by my husband or myself. She has never had an...


Dealing with Croup

V.A. asks from Dallas

My son is almost 5 months old. I took him to the doctor yesterday after having a terrible weekend of coughing. She told me he has croup and prescribed Prednisolone(...


TMI Warning - Bowel Related.

K.B. asks from Savannah

I don't want to gross anyone out so one more time, just for the record... this posting is bowel related and might be a little too much for some of you.... Okay...


How Do I "Brush" My 12-Month Old's New Teeth?

A.R. asks from Chicago

Bren just turned 1 and he has 6 teeth (2 on the bottom, the rest on top). He only drinks water and milk/formula and eats plenty of healthy foods. I have the little ru...


Mexico Vacation - Worried About DS Getting Sick

A.D. asks from New York

Hi moms, My DS (2.5 years old) are going on a much needed vacation starting tomorrow. I saved up enough money for one of those all inclusive resorts and we are goi...