Warts: Infant

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Molloscum Contagiosum

P.M. asks from Atlanta

hi everyone. my 2 y/o has molloscum on her inner thighs and butt and where her diaper clasps. i tried Zymaderm. for 3 or 4 weeks now and 2 lesions have faded because ...


Little White Bumps on My Son's Body...

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Ladies, This isn't an urgent issue (or I'd be at the doctor), but I am curious to know if this sounds familiar to anyone. In the past couple of days, my 5yo son h...


My Baby Girl Have a Callus on the Sole of Her Foot

M.B. asks from Seattle

hallo mamas, i recently noticed that my baby had a callus on the sole of her right foot and i am concerned about it. I have no idea if the shoes are causing it or s...


Advice Needed for Communicating with Husband Who Doesn't Want to Grow Up

A.B. asks from Amarillo

I am ~ 8 weeks pregnant and am needing some advice on the best way to handle my husbands behavior since finding out about my pregnancy. We are both very excited abou...


Suggestions on Warming Baby's Room

J.S. asks from Chicago

I have a 5 month old little girl who has been sleeping in her own crib and room since 2 months. Now that the weather has changed and it looks as though the cold warm ...


My Husband Hates My Post-baby Weight

B.R. asks from New York

It's good to know that Megan addressed one of my issues of weight gain and problems with losing. Unfortunately, I also have a husband that's not very supportive of m...


Toddler with Cradle Cap?

E.T. asks from Washington DC

My almost 2-year old daughter has had brown patches on her scalp for most of the summer. I thought at first it was from the sun but have now decided that it is proba...


2 Year Old with Callouses on Her Feet?

S.B. asks from Columbus

While giving my 2 1/2 year old child a bath, I noticed that she now has callouses to the bottom of both of her feet. It is located on the side under her big toe. Is...


OMG! I Feel So Gross!!!

B.C. asks from Dallas

Ok, so on top of the fact that I didn't get a shower today, I have a double ear infection, 2 cold sores, am broken out on my face and I have a yiest infection. Oh, an...


Spitting Up, Is It Normal?

A.W. asks from Cleveland

Hi! I just had a baby girl, she is four days old. I have a question though, she always spits up after I nurse her, I found that if I hold her upright for at least 20 ...