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Question About Born Free Bottles

C.A. asks from Dallas

I recently started using Born Free bottles with my 6 week old twin boys. Several times I've noticed that the nipple kind of collapses during a feeding - which is som...


Dr. Brown's Bottles

C.P. asks from Dallas

Hello all, I currently have a 21 month old daughter and when she was born i used the Avent bottles. I am not 7 months pregnant and am about to register within the...


Seeking Best Bottles

S.T. asks from Dallas

I would love to hear what other mommies are using/have used as far as bottles. I plan to nurse and pump when my son is born, but I am not sure which bottles to get (I...


Wondering What Kind of Bottles to Buy

M.B. asks from Memphis

I am planning on breastfeeding, but I work, and will also have to use bottles. I am wondering what kind are the best. I know I want BPA free, but I'm not sure what'...


Avent or Born Free Bottles???

D.G. asks from San Diego

I am due to have my 2nd baby in January and I can't decide which bottles to use. I will be breastfeeding as long as possible but will still need bottles. I used Ave...


BPA In Baby Bottles

A.M. asks from Spartanburg

I have been reading a lot lately about BPA in baby bottles. I am starting to get concerned that the bottles I have been giving my daughter for the past 8 months may ...


Bottles to Relieve Gas?

S.S. asks from Portland

Hello, I am thinking of trying some different bottles to relieve what I think is gas in my 1 month old. We are currently using the Playtex bottles with the drop in ...


Formula Bottles on the Go

S.M. asks from Waterloo

i have been babysitting the infant of a girl i used to babysit (talk about feeling like a grandma!) she's young so i'm helping out as much as i can. he is here for ov...


Best Baby Bottles

L.M. asks from Knoxville

I have a two week old that is a wonderful breast-feeder. I am wanting to introduce a bottle that is most like the breast so dad can feed if necessary. Do you have s...


When Can I Stop Sterilizing Bottles/pump Parts?

J.F. asks from Houston

I am breast feeding my 7 month old exclusively. (I made the mistake of not offering a bottle early on and now she won't take one at all.) I do, however, pump milk t...