Walking & Taking First Steps

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My Baby Won't Walk...

B.M. asks from Pittsburgh

He's 11 months old and loves to stand up, but only if I'm holding him. He'll pull up to his knees in the crib, but never to his feet. I recently got him a walker, a...


Help with Learning to Walk...

V.W. asks from Tyler

I have a son who just turned one on June 3rd and he can't walk. He's come as far as to standing up without holding onto anything, but he will NOT take a step. If I ho...


17 Month Old Will Not Walk

S.B. asks from Seattle

My son will be 18 months old on May 16 and doesn't walk. He didn't crawl on his hands and knees til about 11 months and up to that point had did an army crawl. In F...


Late Crawling and Learning Disabilites

R.D. asks from Pittsburgh

My 8 1/2 Month old son has yet to crawl, but pulls to stand and is trying to walk. I wouldn't care, but several people have assured me that if he does not crawl, he w...


Seeking Advice About Teaching My Son to Walk

H.P. asks from Odessa

my son is 10 months old, and still hasnt even tried to walk. It seems that everytime i put him on the floor he ends up hurting himself. He can stand up, but is stil...


Need Suggestions for Helping My Baby Walk on Her Own

L.M. asks from Dallas

Hi- i am looking for some suggestions on what worked for other parents to help thier child walk on their own. All day long my 11 month old daughter just wants to wa...


My 9 Months Old Daughter Does Not Walk or Crawl

K.T. asks from Norfolk

My daughter is 9 mths 2 weeks but doe not walk but can sit properly without any support. She is very active and moves on by pushing her stomach (does not crwal),Pl a...


Tips for Getting 15 Month Old to Walk

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hi All, I was wondering if you had any good ways to try and get a 15 month old to want to start walking. My son can pull himself up to objects and walk around object...


23 Month Old Still Won't Walk

D.H. asks from Cleveland

Please help! If anyone has any advice, my 23 month old still won't walk. He has low muscle tone in his legs and he pulls up by locking out his knees then pulling hi...


Early to walk..late to talk...any Truth There?

K.I. asks from Spokane

Hello ladies... Is there any truth to the old saying "early to walk, late to talk"? My 8 month old (8 months on Oct.4th) lil' girl is walking! Not just trying a fe...