Walking & Taking First Steps: Schwinn

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Need a Solution to an Early Morning Walk problem.....sorry Its a Little Long!

I.S. asks from Sacramento

A little history of the situation.... I bought a dog back in march 2012 for my son's 4th birthday. At the time I was working a job that was only 10 minutes away (r...


Cozy Coupe Vs. Step 2 Push Buggy Car

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

I am deciding between these two cars for my two year old son's birthday. I realize the cozy coupe can be mobilized by him, but from what I remember my older son didn...


Training Wheels off the Bike

J.V. asks from Los Angeles

How old were your kids when you took off their training wheels from their bike? What are the signs of readiness?


How Long Did Your Child Use a Stroller?

T.K. asks from Chicago

Hello, Parents! At 16 months, 25 lbs, and 30-some inches, my son is growing out of his Graco stroller and his umbrella stroller. I'm thinking of "upgrading" but do...


Help Finding a Good Walking Stroller for an Active Toddler

B.K. asks from Cedar Rapids

My daughter will be 2-1/2 close to 3 years old when we start walking on the trail again this spring/summer. I like to take my 4 year old on the trail with his bike an...


7 Year Old Won't Try Any Activities at All

E.T. asks from Los Angeles

My 7 son is adverse to trying any kind of activity. I didn't want to force him into too many activities too young and now he won't try any. He is not over scheduled a...