Waking at Night: Luv

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Daughter Crying in Middle of Night

S.C. asks from Bakersfield

My daughter elliot suddenly started waking up a couple times a night crying. And she cries for at least a half hour and nothing i do calms her down. Elle is not a cry...


My 2 Yr Old Waking Every Night

H.J. asks from Stationed Overseas

Hi-I have a beautiful 2 yr old and am 5 months pregnant with our 2nd baby girl. We moved from europe in June(husband is military). My daughter was 18 months then and ...


Terrible 2'S Are Draining Me....... and Another on the Way

J.D. asks from Houston

I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter how at times is the most wonderful daughter I could ask for, and then the majority of the time lately she has been so horrible for me a...


15 Yrs Old Son Seem to Hate to Be Home.

C.B. asks from Miami

I have a concern that I need some help with. I have a 15yrs old son and a little girl who is now 7 yrs old. My son is always so mean to her. He seem to enjoy being me...


I'm "That" Mom

A.H. asks from Chicago

I have a beautiful, funny, smart and active little girl who turns 2 in June. She's also super sassy - like will swipe my keys off the table if I forget to relocate t...


Soaking Through Diapers

R.B. asks from Memphis

Okay, my 7 month old has just started soaking through his diaper at night. We moved from a Huggies 3 to a 4 and also started putting him in the "night time" diapers ...


Advice on Sleeping

K.K. asks from New York

Hi, I've been reading sooo much on sleep issues but haven't found a good plan to address our particular problem. I thought maybe you Mamas can help. Background: ...


18 Month Old with Painful (Burning?) Poops - Not Constipated

K.S. asks from San Francisco

I have an 18-month old son who for the past week has been screaming every time he poops. He's not constipated and doesn't have trouble passing the stool (they are sof...


1 Year Old Refusing to Eat

C.Y. asks from San Francisco

Hi, my friend's 1 year old son has been refusing that eat very much for the past month. It seems that every meal is a delicate balance between a war versus blissful ...


My 5 Y/o Son Is Mad Saying We Lied to Him! HELP!

L.D. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 y/o son had his Dr. appt. last week for his final shots required for Kindergarten. He knew we were going to get his shots. I always tell him ahead of time. He...