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Met a Woman at a Party Who Helps My Daughter Read at School. Not Friendly.

M.E. asks from Tampa

I attended a birthday party today with my kids. I introduced myself to one of the Moms whose daughter is in my daughter's class. She told me that she helps my daughte...


Seeking Summer Fun Ideas for Older Boys

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

We can finally start thinking about summer! I have two active boys, 8 and 11, although the older one will be 12 this summer. We have always had memberships to the Zo...


Trying to Find a Hobby I Actually Enjoy.

M.P. asks from Provo

So I do a ton of things, cook, sew, knit, bake, read, but none of them actually holds my interests. I start knitting pot holders or a dish rag, and I get bored. I've ...


Finding a Job After college....looking to Gain Some Experience to Use for Resume

J.D. asks from New York

So, I have been a stay at home mother for the past 4 years. I am going to be finishing my bachelors degree by next summer and was wondering how I should go about bein...


What About When They Are "Grown?"

B.M. asks from Panama City

My daughter is 19, has graduated with top honors, and is headed to pre-med at a prestigious college in August of 07. My question is this...shouldn't she be "doing so...


Sad That I Don't Have a "Personal Reference" Person

C.S. asks from Los Angeles

On all the work, school, volunteer, etc. forms, they ask you for two or three personal references. They usually say "no relatives" and that means I always spend a go...


ThaWanting To Quit the PTA

M.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, At the beginning of this school year, I agreed to take a volunteer job and be on the PTA board at my sons' elementary school. At that time, I had a real ...


Sahm's What Do You Do with Your Day?

S.S. asks from Daytona Beach

There was a question the other day about SAHMs feeling as ifthey did enough. I think I was the only one who answered like I felt that I could do more :). I have 2 kid...


Stay at Home moms...do You Feel This Way?

S.D. asks from Phoenix

Every School Year I start to feel this weird feeling that I need to do something with my life.... I got a educated degree in 2005 and really have never used it. I am...


How to Deal with Rude Moms at School

C.L. asks from Portland

I need advice on how to handle the Mom's that one day say hi and will chat then the next day act as if they do not know you. It seems to happen quite a bit at my chi...