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What's Your Favorite Prenatal Vitamins? and What About Other Supplements?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi. Does anyone have a prenatal vitamin that they love/doesn't make them feel sick? And has anyone done any research on taking a flax seed oil supplement(for the ome...


Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements

K.L. asks from Savannah

Did you only take the traditional prenatal multi-vitamin, or did you also take other vitamins/supplements? If you did take extra, what did you take and why?


Prenatal Vitamins

M.G. asks from Denver

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I was told to begin taking a prenatal vitamin. Do I need to also take a DHA supplement? Do I continue to take my multivitamin?


Prenatal Vitamins

C.N. asks from Memphis

Any suggestions on a particular brand of prenatal vitamins? Are some better than others?


Non Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

M.P. asks from New York

My doctor says it is safer to take prescription prenatal vitamins. I think the vitamins that she prescribe to me is not enough and want to take another kind with more...


DHA Supplement with Prenatal Vitamins?

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I was talking to my sister in law and she said that on top of the prenatal vitamins a pregnant woman should also take a DHA supplement along with it. I did some resea...


Good Prenatal Vitamins?

V.C. asks from Los Angeles

We are considering having another baby, so I need to start taking prenatal vitamins. The ones I took during my first pregnancy were so gigantic and gross! Any recom...


Prenatal Vitamins

M.P. asks from Chicago

I still have plenty of prescription prenatal vitamins from my first pregnancy. The prescription label lists a date of when they should be used by. Does anyone know ...


Low or No Iron Prenatal Vitamins

K.W. asks from Madison

Hi all. Question on prenatal vitamins. I am looking for a brand that has no or low iron, as I am iron "sufficient" and would like to reduce some of the stomach prob...


Which Prenatal Vitamins to Take

S.L. asks from Champaign

I'm 36 and have been taking prenatal vitamins for the past several months in preparation for trying to have another baby. Now, when I had my son 4 years ago, there di...