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Pain and Headache with Prenatal Vitamins

H.H. asks from Los Angeles

I have been terrible at taking my prenatals, I don't feel well after taking them. With my daughter I lasted about 6 weeks and stopped. I had a second and third pre...


Is It Late to Start a Prenatal Multivitamin in 6Th Week of Pregnancy?

G.C. asks from Los Angeles

I have been taking regular multivitamins prior to discovering that I was pregnant (discovered in 4th week). In 5th week I started taking 2 Flintstones chewable multiv...


Extra Prenatal Vitamins & Infant Formula

L.A. asks from Phoenix

Good Morning! My doctor's office filled my baby bag with samples of prenatal vitamins and several small cans of Enfamil infant formula. Does anyone know a place w...


Vitamins? Flinstones vs Prenatals

S.S. asks from Kansas City

Hello Moms! I had been taking the One A Day prenatal vitamins for the first 6 weeks of this pregnancy. They were hurting my stomach a tad - however, I was taking ...


Prenatal Vitamins

C.H. asks from Anniston

With my first daughter I did not take prenatal vitmans they made me so sick. Now with baby number 2 the same they are making me so sick I don't know what todo. Any su...


Vitamins for Baby While Breastfeeding

D.P. asks from Phoenix

HI mommies, This question is for mommies that breastfeed exclusively.... I am currently nursing a 7 month old and I am getting conflicting advice on him needing iron...


Bf'ing Question and Vitamins

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

My SIL is nursing her 3 week old and the ped stated the baby needs to have supplemental vitamins. Why would a baby need extra? Thanks!


Vitamins, When to Start (Still Breastfeeding)

M.B. asks from Phoenix

I don't have a doctor appt. for another month or so for me 17-month-old & have begun wondering about vitamins. When do you start giving kids vitamins? I haven't sta...


Chewable Prenatal Vitamin?

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a terrible time swallowing pills! Before I was pregnant I took the chewable Centrum daily multivitamin. When I found out I was pregnant I bought 2 kinds of pre...


Prenatal Vitamin Problem

R.V. asks from Baton Rouge

I'm recently pregnant again, and prenatal vitamins are making me sick! I'm very lucky to not have any pregnancy symptoms other than lethargy, but since I started tak...