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Questions About Medicine and Prenatal Care for Getting Pregnant.

D.D. asks from San Francisco

Just curious if anyone out there has Asthma and what they did before they started getting pregnant. I am currently taking an allergy pill and Symbicort inhaler to con...


Alternative Asthma Treatment

F.T. asks from Chicago

My 21 month old son has been diagnosed with asthma. He's taking daily singular and when he has flare-ups (always after colds) takes albuterol, then often has to do pr...


Do You Take a Lot of Prescriptions?

A.N. asks from Bloomington

I am just curious about this. My sister was over at my house the other day and opened my medicine cabinent and she yelled "Good Heavens! What is all of this?" She was...


Is It Allergies, Asthma or Something Else? Please Help My Son.

M.L. asks from Washington DC

I am losing a battle. My son, who is now 2 1/2, was diagnosed with RSV at 3 months. Since then, he has suffered from horrible allergy like symptoms. It doesn't APP...


1 Year Old with Asthma

M.T. asks from Boston

Hi everyone, My son Evan is 13 months old and has been hospitalized 3 times now in the past 3 months due to asthma. So far it does not seem to be allergy related. ...


Asthma Investigation

J.B. asks from Chicago

My 4 y/o dtr Emily has been diagnosed with Asthma. My mother's intuition tells me it may not be Asthma and could be another chronic lung "disease" going on. My qu...


Being Sick While Pregnant

C.W. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Ladies, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, had the flu 2 weeks ago and now I have some monster living in my lungs. I've been coughing for almost a week now - the kind of co...


Flu Shot

D.B. asks from Chicago

Hello, here it is Flu season again. My husband and I are once again having the debate of whether or not to get our girls 5 and 3 the flu shots. Last year they got t...


Son Getting Leg "Pains" Overnight

C.C. asks from Pueblo

Hi all! My son who is 4yrs old keeps getting leg pains overnight. It first happened a few months ago. He would wake up crying saying his legs hurt but we didn't see ...


Behavior Issues and Allergy Meds

M.H. asks from York

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any experience or insight on Allergy medicine and children's behavior. My son will be 8 in 3 weeks and has been on allergy meds ...